How You Can Help

Our most immediate need at present is for donations to help pay for a used car that we have agreed to purchase.  This 2001 Mazda MPV was a great find, in good condition and at a very reasonable price for a used car in Guatemala.   It is the perfect for the type of transportation we need to serve our residents in Casa de Esperanza, and for our work in the community.  Would you like to help?

Click here to read more about how you can participate in this fund drive.
You can donate directly on-line or send a check to:

The Josiah Foundation
2112 S 163rd Circle
Omaha, Ne. 68130
The Josiah Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization 

Donations are tax-deductible.  For tax-deductible receipts, please make checks payable to the Josiah Foundation, noting Mission Guatemala on the memo line, expressing your preference that your donation be used to support Pat's work.

Save discarded household items which have value here in Guatemala:
  • 5 Qt plastic ice cream buckets
  • 35mm film canisters
  • plastic containers from "Mini M&M's"
  • the cardboard box bottoms from Velveta cheese.
Do you have old baby and toddler toys laying around your house?  We can use them:
  • Bumbo baby seat
  • Crib mobiles
  • Shape sorters
  • Toys promoting eye-hand coordination
  • Beanie Babies (not larger stuffed toys, please)
  • Please do not give us toys requiring batteries.  As entertaining as they are, the cost of batteries for so many children in the orphanage, or for families in their homes, is cost prohibitive.
  • Teethers and chewable toys
  • Large snap together beads (pop-beads)

Current needs of our ministry are:

  • Sponsors for wheelchair batteries and/or repairs (a set of batteries costs about $200 and lasts for about a year if properly cared for)
  • Sponsors for wheelchairs for both children and adults ($90 to $180, depending on chair)
  • Sponsors to provide medication or nutritional support to individuals or families  ($35-50/month)
  • Black leather shoes, and athletic shoes, sizes children's 10 through men's 5
  • Specialize feeding equipment
  • Educational toys and games (preschool level)
  • One or more used (or new) laptops or netbooks for use in our ministry programs
  • An I-pad (an "older" model is just fine) to be used for communication systems and language development
  • Donations to the general ministry fund through the Josiah Foundation
If you or your small group feel led to help with any of these items, please email Pat for more information.