April 17, 2009

It's been quite the week. Am running 3 groups now and starting another next week--and I love it! It's funny to think of leaving this, but, it seems that everything I do now I do with the thought of setting things up for the person(s) who will come after me at Westside. Since I've made the decision to move to Guatemala, my work here has been more satisfying than ever. But I also know that this season of my life is drawing to a close. And it seems each season has been getting better, so I can't wait to see what comes next.

Airfares to Guatemala went down drastically this last week, so I'm going back down in May (5/27 to 6/5). My plan is to just hang out at the orphanage with the kids for a week. I know I won't get to spend that much time with them when I take a team down in June, so I'll take advantage of this time to love on them, maybe even spoil them a little.
Am wondering, though, what God has in mind for this trip. My last one was nothing like I expected, and it seems this one may hold a few surprises, too. My friend, Dick Rutgers, just journaled today about Byron, a little boy who is deaf, who has fallen in love with Dick. I think the feeling is mutual. I emailed Dick to see if he thought Byron would benefit from a communication system--and we've already talked on the phone and made plans to take him one while I'm down there. This trip shouldn't be that challenging, though, since he only lives 2 hours outside of Antigua! Byron is an orphan, and he and his brother live with his grandmother. She is very poor and they move from place to place just to have somewhere to live. Think this little guy might just stretch my heart some more.

Am also hoping to get to see Steve and Sheryl Osborn's kids this trip. I'd wanted to set up systems for two of their girls, and that just didn't happen, so maybe this trip. One of their girls, Tania, was the first little girl I fell in love with in Guatemala. She had just come to the orphanage (not Steve & Sheryl's, another one), and they didn't know what was wrong with her. It only took me a few minutes to realize she had autism. She is just a dear. The orphanage where she was closed, and I lost track of her. Then, on another trip to Guatemala, "ran into" her at Steve and Sheryl's. I can't help but believe this was a special gift from God to find her again. She has just blossomed under the Osborns' excellent care, but is still non-verbal. How I would love to help her find a way to communicate! The best part is, I know that Love the Child will use whatever they can to help her, so this is well worth the effort!
So, we'll see how things shape up. I didn't expect to be going back quite so soon, but am excited beyond words. It's funny to be homesick for a place you've never lived, but I am!