Casa de Esperaza (Hope House) is a residential home for individuals with physical disabilities as well as able-bodied young people.  Our residents live together in a Christian community, following the principles Jesus set forth in the Sermon on the Mount.  Those who are physically fit provide needed assistance to our residents with disabilities, while those who are less physically strong each contribute to the community according to their own unique gifting. We pattern our life-style on the proven model of homes operated by L'Arche, an ecumenical association of residences for those with cognitive disabilities.

The Mission of Casa de Esperanza:

We are individuals, with and without disabilities, sharing life in community.  Mutual relationships and faith and trust in God are at the center of our life together, which centers on Jesus Christ, Bible Study and Community Prayer.  We celebrate the unique gifting of each individual, and support each other in living out our God-given purpose and identity:

  •  We glorify God while living in Christian community by:
    • Identifying and fostering the unique giftedness of each member of the community
    • Meeting the physical, spiritual, personal and relational needs of those with and without disabilities
    • Providing therapy, education and training appropriate to the giftedness of each member of the community
    • Locating and/or creating opportunities for meaningful work for all members of the community, both within the residence and in the community at large
    • Sharing with others the reason for the hope which we have found in Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:15)

Our Spirituality:

We are an interdenominational Christian Community attempting to live out the values which Jesus presented in the Sermon on the Mount:

We strive to be:
  • poor in spirit (totally dependent on God)
  • meek (quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger)
  • pure in spirit (following a Biblical life-style)
  • merciful
  • peacemakers.

We will:
  • comfort those who mourn, as well as rejoice with those who are glad
  • promote righteousness and justice by the way we live
  • promote diversity within unity
  • be quick to ask for forgiveness as well as quick to forgive
  • support each other as we seek to live out these values.

Each community member will be encouraged to participate in the worship and practices of their faith tradition under Biblical guidance and authority.  In addition, each community member commits to individual and shared prayer, Bible study, and personal spiritual growth.

Our Structure:

Persons with physical disabilities are the heart of and make up the permanent residents of our community.  However, we cannot exist without able-bodied assistants.  Our assistants are young people continuing their education as well as those who believe in our mission and choose to live with us for a given period of time, typically a minimum commitment of six months.  Some of our assistants serve as volunteers, while others (Guatemalan nationals) receive a small stipend as well as their room and board.