Prayer Requests

April, 2013


  • For a great start to the school year in Santa Maria, and for God's provision of a great staff and even better students
  • For a successful trial run with Fidel, Moises and Don Antonio during Holy Week
  • For two great teams who have been with us the past few months
  • For Alma's successful foot surgery, and her continued recovery
  • For the successful transition for Fernando and Cesar as they have made the move from Chimaltenango to Antigua


  • For Lilia, one of our teachers at Santa Maria de Jesús who has had a number of seizures, was in a coma for a few days, and still does not have an accurate diagnosis or treatment plan.  Good medical care is very difficult to obtain in Guatemala, if you have limited resources.  We are praying specifically that God will heal her, and that the doctors who care for her are caring and competent.
  • For Fernando and Cesar, both of whom are being challenged by their studies.  Fernando is in a new private school here in Antigua, and is finding the work quite demanding.  Cesar has begun his studies to become a PE teacher, and is facing six more years of school
  • For Fidel as he waits to move into Casa de Esperanza permanently
  • That Father Jose (administrator of Hermano Pedro) will enthusiastically give the final approval for Fidel to live with us
  • For God's provision for the daily operations of the house and ministry, as well as to cover the cost of the car we have agreed to purchase.
  • For Pat as she travels to the US the later part of the month to visit family, friends and supporters
  • For the students in Pat's class at Santa Maria, and for Brian Taylor, a volunteer who is covering their instruction for the two weeks of class which Pat will miss while traveling.