Our Temporary Residents

While our house is not yet full of permanent residents, God has been using it to provide housing for a variety of guests.  

Scott and Lynda with Miguel and Wilma, two (of the five) students they sponsor.

First, we have been able host Scott and Lynda Hardee, who are friends from Kansas City.  They came to Guatemala to work with the ministry Love Guatemala in Jocotenango, and the feeding center in which they served is walking distance from the house.  Their staying here was a no brainer.  Lynda has provided wise counsel and support, as well as being a wonderful prayer partner.  Scott has enjoyed being “grandpa” to the boys, and serving as part-time math teacher.  They left about a month ago, and are sorely missed.  Come back soon.


 “Grandpa” Scott helping the boys with homework.

Lynda, who is an ER nurse in her life in the States
treating an infection one of the students at Mari’s
developed on her foot (as Cesar covers here eyes!).

Alma, who had foot surgery which will eventually enable her to walk, and her mom, Patricia, needed a place to stay for a night before going to the clinic in San Lucas (read more about their journey here).  We had a great night visiting before they left and I learned much about their needs and their family.

DSC05883Next, Alexi Treu and Kathleen McGlynn came to spend ten days with us in mid-February.  Alexi was getting ready to leave for Army bootcamp and wanted to do one more mission trip before leaving.  Kathleen is a graduate student at Creighton, who is very interested in non-profit organization and management.  During their time here they got to experience a wide variety of our ministries here, as well as a trip to beautiful Lake Atitlan.  (Read more here.)
Then, in mid-March, a team from my home church, Westside in Omaha, got to spend a day with us, getting a small taste of our ministry, and a large sampling of Guatemalan culture, since they were here on a Sunday during the height of the Lenten processions.  The Wiens family (Debi and I worked together at Westside in Childcare years ago) got to stay two nights in our house, and that gave us a great time to visit. (Read more)

So, while there are only three of us living in the house at present, anxiously awaiting other permanent residents, God has been showing us that He has plans for this house even in the inter-rim.  In fact, a number of the folks from Hermano Pedro who we would like to have live here are not 18 yet, and therefore too young to move in permanently.  After our experience of Holy Week with the guys from Hermano Pedro, we are looking at the possibility of being a bit more flexible in our approach.

DSC06057Back row: Miguel, me, Kevin
Front row: Moises & Fidel

Currently, we still hope to have Fidel, and his assistant Miguel, move in when I return from the States in May.  We are looking at the possibility, though, of inviting some of the younger patients at Hermano Pedro (including Moises) be our regular houseguests on the weekends.  The more we pray about this, the more it seems like what God has had in mind all along. 

This will enable us to focus on transitioning Fidel, and allow us to gradually increase our budget and yet be able to serve more residents in a short time. 

Please pray for us as we move forward, that we keep pace with God’s plan for us.

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