21 Days of Prayer~~Day 2: The Josiah Foundation

Today, please join me in giving thanks for the partnership our ministry has had with the Josiah Foundation.  For the past seven years, they have received funds on our behalf, and have completely supported our ministry in Guatemala through these donations.  Serving as Pat Duff's sending organization, the Board of the foundation has provided encouragement, feedback and wise counsel in the direction of our ministry.  The Josiah Foundation gave us our start in ministry in Guatemala and will always be close to our hearts.

My prayer of thanksgiving

Father God, in the name of Jesus I give you thanks for the partnership you provided for us with the Josiah Foundation to help me get started in ministry here in Guatemala.  When I was disheartened by the complexity of fund-raising and non-profit ministry, you brought them along side of me and allowed me to work through them, and for this I am grateful.  I thank you for Dave Penner and Mike Wenig who took a risk on an un-proven missionary, and have worked consistently over the years to get the needed funds here to Guatemala to enable us to grow into the ministry we are today. Bless them for their efforts, and bless the Josiah Foundation in its ministries and projects now and far into the future.

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