21 Days of Prayer~~Day 7: The Guys of Casa de Esperanza

I have already specifically thanked God for Fidel, and his role in the development of our ministry. Today I would like to ask you in joining me in thanking the Father for the four guys He has brought to live here, and for the work He is doing in their hearts and lives.

Fidel as a patient in Hermano Pedro
Fidel going out with our friend David in his convertible
Fidel, of course was my first housemate moving in permanently in August, 2013. His desire for a better life planted the seed which became Casa de Esperanza.  It has been a joy to watch him grow from being a patient to a self-determining adult who is moving closer to God each day.

From 2013--It is hard for me to believe that this is the same Osmi
living with us today!
Osmi is truly a miracle.  When I met him in August of 2013, we believed he was dying. Over the next year, God would bring him to renewed vigor (though he still struggles with osteoporosis and and a degenerative muscle disease which currently is in remission).  Osmi is our scholar and skeptic.  He brings a sense of responsibility to our home which the other guys sometimes lack.  He came to us at the request of Obras Sociales del Hermano Pedro (a small miracle in itself) in December, 2014.

This picture reflects Osmi's formal personality so well.

Roberto the day he came
Roberto was abandoned by his family after an accident which left him paralyzed from the waste down. His addition to the house came as a surprise to us (but not God).  Roberto was brought to our attention in July of 2015 by a church in the village of Patzicia, and immediately he captured our hearts. He came home with us the same day we met him! It has been marvelous to see him grow into a healthy young man who takes his responsibilities seriously (most of the time!). While he is not much of a scholar, he loves to help with projects around the house.

Moy as a little boy
Finally, Moises rounds out the family.  I have known Moy for more than ten years, and have gotten to watch him grow from a happy-go-lucky child, through the stage of rebellious adolescence, and emerging adulthood.  Moy brings laughter and energy into our family as no one else can.  He joined us in November, 2016.

Yep, Moy is starting to walk!
Here is is practicing with Cesar.

My prayer of thanksgiving

Our Father, today I thank you for the lives of the four young men you have brought to live with us.  I know you have a plan and purpose for each of them, and it is a joy to watch this unfolding as the grow and develop as young adults.

I thank you for Fidel, and the sense of drive and determination he brings into our house.  I thank you for Osmi, and the sense of responsibility he brings to us.  I thank you for Roberto, and the desire he has to be of service to others.  Finally, I thank you for Moises and the joy he brings to our family.

It is not by accident that they live with us, but by your providence.  I am grateful that you allow me to be part of this plan for each of them, now and in the future.  l pray I am faithful to hear your voice in how to show your great love for each of them in a way that will draw them to you, not me.  Thank you for entrusting this responsibility to me.

Finally, thank you for molding us into family, not just housemates.  In the name of Jesus, I pray in gratitude. Amen

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