21 Days of Prayer~~Day 8: Brenda Salazar

Today I thank God for Brenda Salazar, and her love and commitment to the programs we are supporting in Guatemala through Reason to Hope, Inc.  Brenda serves as the House Manager of Casa de Esperanza.  She has the concern for the guys at the forefront, but also understands the business side of running a house such as ours.  I had prayed for three years for a Guatemalan national to come on staff who could assume the leadership of the house, and Brenda has done so.  She is responsible for overseeing all housekeeping, cooking, purchasing, scheduling and staffing of Casa de Esperanza; this is no small task. She does this all with the wisdom and grace which comes from her close relationship with Jesus Christ.

Brenda is so much more than an employee to me.  She is a friend and confidant.  Her ability to navigate the "systems" of Guatemalan society has been invaluable to the ministry, especially during times of difficulty, such as Roberto's illness at the beginning of the year.  I truly don't know what I would do without her, and am thankful that by the grace of God I don't have to find out.
My prayer of thanksgiving

Thank you, Father, for bringing Brenda into our lives and hearts.  Her faith in you and desire to follow you daily in obedience bring a spirit of peace and joy to our home.  She loves the guys like her own children, and cares for me as a sister.  Her dedicated work for the ministry is so valuable, but the relationships of each one of us with her is beyond measure.

Bless her, her family, her church and her community.  Give her strength and health to continue serving you many years into the future.  Send the Holy Spirit to guide her steps and guard her path.  I pray this in the strong and mighty name of Jesus.

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