Can You Believe They Did It?

This October will go down as a milestone in the history of Casa de Esperanza.  Both Moises and Osmi have graduated from Basico (9th grade) in a country where many able-bodied people never study past sixth grade.  To top it off, they both completed the regular Basico curriculum in school settings designed for students without physical challenges.

It is times like this when I look back in awe at what God has done in the lives of our young men during the eight years Reason to Hope has been in Guatemala.  And I have a front row seat to see what He is doing.

Moises and Osmi on their first day of Basico
January, 2015

Osmi studied in San Pedro at Liceo Antigueno, one of the oldest private schools in the area which prides itself on providing a strenuous course of study.  He attended five days a week for three years to receive a regular education diploma.  He would like to continue studying graphic design or architecture.  Click here to see more pictures of Osmi over the years, and hear his thoughts about graduating and his future plans.

Osmi with his teachers and graduating class

Moises completed his Basico in an Institute for adult education in Santa Maria de Jesus. He and one of the companion-caregivers would travel to Santa Maria each Saturday for the past two years, often taking the chicken bus, to allow him to study in a program which best met his needs. This program is run by Reynaldo Raxjal, who is a pastor and educator.  Rey served as our in-home teacher at the beginning of Casa de Esperanza, allowing Fidel to graduate Basico and Osmi to graduate sixth grade.  We are so grateful for the support he has been to us over the years.  Click here to see pictures of Moy growing up (I have known him since he was eight!) and learn what he thinks about completing his education.

Moy receiving his diploma
from Profe Rey

Of course, such a momentous event requires a celebration, so after Osmi's graduation ceremony the graduates and some of our staff, along with Dick Rutgers, went to Pollo Campero (where else?) to celebrate.

Moises is alway overjoyed by a good meal!

We were happy to have Ali, Osmi's "friend" join us to celebrate.
Don't worry.  We didn't forget about our other guys.  They were excited to get take-out chicken and Coca-Cola when we all got home.

Fidel returning home after collecting recycling from the community

Roberto enjoying a game of Jenga with our friend Olivia
as Mario, Fidel, and Moises look on.
I am so proud of these young men and enjoy watching them grow and develop with the support Reason to Hope is able to provide.  Thanks for being part of their lives.

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