Osmi through the years and looking at his future

When I first me Osmi, in 2013 he had been sent to Hermano Pedro from one of the national hospitals.  There was nothing more the doctors there could do for him medically, and quite frankly, he had been sent there to die.

When I first met Osmi, he could only lie in bed and was on a feeding tube.  His personality immediately captured my heart, though I never dreamed that one day he would come to be one of "my" guys.  (Click here  and go to the end of this article to read about our first encounters with Osmi.)

Dick Rutgers gave Osmi his firs power wheelchair (which was more of a bed on a wheelchair power base) and this gave Osmi the freedom to move about independently for the first time in many years.  He soon became known as the "Mayor of Hermano Pedro."

Here is Osmi at Hermano Pedro shortly before he moved into Casa de Esperanza in 2014.

Here he is in 2018, able to sit up independently on the side of his bed.
God is so very good!

This fall, Osmi needed to have his appendix removed.  We were concerned he would not graduate with his class, but Liceo Antigueno made adjustments so he could meet this long sought for goal.

Here Osmi receives his diploma from his homeroom teacher.

Ali, a young woman who became friends with Osmi when we moved to San Pedro was able to celebrate this special occasion with us.

Through God's grace, and what has been nothing short of a miracle, Osmi has been substantially healed from the effects of the degenerative muscle disease he has, and is living life to the full.

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