Moises All Grown Up!

I met Moises on my first trip to Hermano Pedro Hospital.  He was about 8 years old at the time and already had cultivated the heart-capturing smile which has become his trade-mark.

He was such a little boy back then.  I remember him siting on my lap!

Futbol (soccer to those of you in the US) has always been Moy's passion.

And he never let his inability to walk independently 
keep him from playing his favorite sport!

Fine motor skills have always been a challenge for Moy.

Moises with Sonya and his teacher Nineth
at his sixth grade graduation

Moy on the day he left Hermano Pedro Hospital
to come to his forever home at Casa de Esperanza

Moy wasn't too keen on helping with chores
when he first came to us, but he's adjusted and 
now takes pride in helping out.

We soon discovered that Moy could actually walk
with support, though he still is insecure just using a walker.
You can see that he has no problem using Cesar
for support though!

And here is our graduate--21 years old and so proud.

Moises has been part of my life for so many years now--I almost didn't realize just how long until I went back and looked through pictures.  He really does feel like part of my own family and I believe he feels that way too.  One day when he was wanting me to do something for him that he could do himself I said to him, "I'm not your momma."  Instantly he replied, "Here you are."  I can think of no greater honor than to hold this title!

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