Summer Time Teams--The Guys from Louisiana

One of the advantages of having a school year here that runs counter to that in the US, is that, during summer when most of the teams come down here, our kids in Santa Maria are in school and can benefit from the expertise of these teams.  While I don't usually sponsor large teams myself (two or three people are enough for me to wrangle), I am lucky enough to often work with teams other ministries have brought down to serve here in Guatemala.

One of these was a team from Lousiana working at Hope Haven.  Brad Ferguson, the team leader, has become a friend after he and his wife chose to spend their 25th wedding anniversary down here, handing out wheelchairs and telling folks how much Jesus loves them.  This time, Brad brought a group of self-proclaimed rednecks down to build some houses and distribute some chairs.  What they did best, however, was love on our people.  This was just a group of regular guys who just wanted to make a difference for Jesus, and they did!

Brad using his best Spanish (which, sorry brother, is pocito) to communicate with the father of one of the patients who came in for a chair.

Dick and Brad's brother-in-law (whose name escapes me at the moment), a physical therapist, assessing the children to determine the proper seating system for each of them.\

Working on the chair to make it "just so."

But not too busy to just play with the little ones when the work is done.

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